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Can i Freeze Naan? How to Freeze Naan

How to Freeze Naan

If you’re a sucker for Indian cuisine then you’re probably no stranger to naan bread. This flatbread resembles a pita bread but it’s leavened with yeast or bread starter. Naan bread is often served fresh off the grill and slathered with butter. It’s soft with a mild doughy flavor, perfect for scooping up tikka masala or wrapping grilled meats!

Apart from being a staple food, naan bread is often used as a utensil of sorts. This is the reason why naan bread is often served with stewed dishes.

Naan bread is widely available but if you got a little too excited stocking up on this flatbread, can you freeze naan for later use? The short answer is yes, you can freeze naan.

Naan bread has a short life span. It only keeps fresh for 3 to 4 days when kept in the pantry. It should keep for 1 to 2 weeks in the fridge and about 2 to 3 months when frozen.

The problem with naan is the delicate nature of the bread. Naan has a tendency to become excessively chewy when it’s frozen and defrosted improperly. Depending on how you prepped the flatbread, naan could sometimes turn crumbly or soggy. If you want to store naan bread and keep its original texture and flavor, check out this step by step guide how:

How to Freeze Naan?

If you’re freezing an unopened pack of naan, you don’t have to transfer the bread to another container. Just stick the bread in the freezer and you’re done. But if you’re freezing leftovers or homemade naan, you have to prep the flatbread first.

For homemade or leftover naan, wait until the bread has cooled down completely before prepping for storage. Once the bread has cooled down, place them one by one in a baking pan lined with parchment paper. Make sure the bread is not touching one another before sticking the whole thing in the freezer. Level the baking pan so the flatbread won’t slide. Give the bread about 2 to 3 hours to freeze.

Once naan is frozen, get an airtight container, take the frozen bread out and place the flatbread gently inside the container, one by one. Close the lid, write the storage date with a marker and stick in the freezer. Apart from using an airtight container, resealable plastic bags are also recommended for storing naan in the freezer. If you don’t have resealable plastic bags, you can wrap the frozen flatbread in aluminum foil. Just make sure the bread is completely covered to prevent freezer burn.

How to Freeze Naan
How to Freeze Naan

How to Defrost and Reheat Naan?

The best way to thaw frozen naan is to transfer the flatbread from the freezer to the fridge. You want to defrost the bread slowly so it doesn’t get soggy due to the drastic changes in temperature. Leave the bread to thaw for several hours to overnight.

There are different ways to reheating naan. You can use a microwave to reheat the flatbread (about 10 to 20 seconds) although you have to keep an eye on it as you reheat. If you microwave it for too long, naan becomes tough or chewy. One thing to remember is to place a cup of water inside the microwave together with the platter of naan. As you reheat, the water vapor from the cup of water will soften the bread.

You can also use your oven toaster to reheat naan. Start by spraying a little water over the naan, the extra moisture ensures that the bread won’t dry out as you reheat. Stick in the oven toaster and reheat for 2 to 3 minutes, depending on your preferred doneness. You can reheat the naan using an oven (5 minutes in 350 degrees Fahrenheit) but you need to watch the bread as it heats otherwise, the naan could dry and toughen up.

Finally, you can reheat naan in a griddle. Heat the griddle over medium heat, brush or spray with butter then place the naan bread to brown.


Naan on the side completes Indian dishes in a way no other food does. Now that you know how can you freeze naan, you can keep this flatbread in stock for later use!

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