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Can i Freeze Donuts? How to Freeze Donuts

How to Freeze Donuts

Popular as they are, donuts have notoriously short shelf life. When kept at room temperature, donuts can only keep up to two days begging the question – can you freeze donuts? You can always store leftover donuts in the fridge but it will only keep fresh for 5 days. A great way to keep this popular dessert fresher for longer is to freeze it. Yes, you can freeze donuts and enjoy it at a later date but you have to do this properly. Otherwise, you’ll end up with tough, unpalatable results.

Donuts are literally fried dough and when kept at room temperature, the oils will start attracting bacteria. That bacteria could hasten spoilage. When it’s kept in the fridge too long, the oils will start solidifying, causing the dough to toughen. To maintain its original texture, you have to thaw it properly too! When kept in the freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, donuts will keep fresh for up to six months.

How to Freeze Donuts

The proper way to freeze donuts is to prep them one by one. Get a large piece of plastic wrap and lay it on the table. Put the cooled donut on the center of the plastic wrap and cover the dessert completely, tucking the edges of the plastic wrap under the donut. The plastic wrap will protect the donut from freezer burn once it’s kept in the freezer.

Stick the wrapped donut in the freezer one by one, making sure that the tucked ends are secured. That prevents the donuts from sticking to one another. Apart from plastic wrap, you can also use tin foil or freezer-safe plastic bags to pack the donuts before freezing.

How to Freeze Donuts
How to Freeze Donuts

How to Thaw Donuts

The best way to defrost frozen donuts is to transfer it from the freezer to a plate and leave them to thaw at room temperature. It takes about an hour or an hour and a half to defrost a frozen donut completely. Once the donut is thawed, you can stick it in the microwave oven or preheated oven to warm it up. You can also use a microwave to warm the thawed donuts but limit the microwaving to 10 to 15 seconds to prevent the dough from hardening.


Donuts aren’t the ideal health food but once in a while, indulging can be a good thing! Thawed donuts won’t look as good as their freshly-made counterparts but they’ll be just as tasty. Now that you know how to freeze and thaw donuts, you can store more of your favorite desserts for later use.

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