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Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer? How to Freeze Coffee Creamer

How to Freeze Coffee Creamer

A serving of creamer completes a morning cuppa joe like nothing else. Coffee creamer comes in two types, dairy, and nondairy liquid or powder creamer. Can you freeze coffee creamer? The answer is, yes, you can freeze coffee creamer. While liquid creamer is commonly frozen to extend its shelf life, powder creamer can be frozen too. Liquid creamers tend to have a shorter shelf life compared to nondairy powder creamer because they’re often made with dairy.

The main issue with freezing any powdered product is that the powder tends to clump together. But since powder creamer will dissolve in hot liquid regardless if it’s frozen or not, freezing this product should be fine.

Unopened powdered creamer will keep well in the pantry for weeks. But if it’s nearing its expiry date, freezing will extend its shelf life. When kept in the freezer, any creamer will keep for 6 months or so. This goes the same for liquid creamers too. Here is a step by step guide on how can you freeze coffee creamer:

How to Freeze Coffee Creamer?

When it comes to freezing any type of coffee creamer, it’s best to divide the product into single serving portions. A couple of ice cube trays make a perfect container for the creamer. For liquid coffee creamer, just pour an ample amount of the product into the ice trays. The amount should be enough for a regular cup of coffee. Cover the ice trays with aluminum foil, stick in the freezer, and leave the coffee creamer to freeze for about 2 to 3 hours.

Prepare several resealable plastic bags while waiting for the coffee creamer to freeze. Once the coffee creamer is frozen into cubes, take the ice tray out of the fridge, pop each one and place them into the plastic bag. When the bag is full of cubed coffee creamer, give the bag a good squeeze to remove excess air and then seal. With a marker, write the storage date and stick in the freezer. This freezing prep can be applied for powdered coffee creamers too.

If you’d like to freeze an entire container of coffee creamer (opened or unopened) without dividing the product into serving portions, you can too. Just pour the contents into a resealable plastic bag. Do not fill the bag, leave about an inch or two of space to let the product expand as it freezes. Write the storage date on the bag using a marker and stick in the freezer. Since you’re freezing a whole container of coffee creamer, you have to consume the entire thing within 2 to 3 days after thawing for optimal flavor.

How to Defrost Coffee Creamer?

To defrost the coffee creamer, simply transfer the container from the freezer to the fridge. Leave the creamer to thaw for several hours. That said, there’s absolutely no need to wait for frozen coffee creamer to thaw because it’s usable as is. With a steaming cup of coffee, simply drop the frozen cube of coffee creamer directly. This goes regardless if the coffee creamer is in powder or liquid form. Just stir the coffee well so the cubed creamer dissolves quickly. Of course, putting frozen creamer directly into a cup of coffee may cool the coffee. If you want your coffee to be piping hot, go ahead and thaw the creamer first.


Coffee creamer is a staple for most people. If you find yourself with too many bottles of coffee creamers, maybe because you love shopping in bulk and bought too many, freezing these products will extend their shelf life until you’re ready to use them. Now that you know how can you freeze coffee creamer, go ahead and keep your stash in the freezer for future uses?

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